About Me

Joanna Sikora

 Food stylist with 20 years of experience.  She has worked for brands such as: Bakalland,  Biedronka, Bonduelle, Danone, Dębowe, Hortex, Jacobs, Kamis, Kasztelen, Knorr,Krakus, Leżajsk, Lidl, Lubella, McDonald’s, Nescafe, Pepco, Tarczyński, Warka, Winiary, Żywiec and many more.

How does she write about herself?

A cook of senses, gastrophysicist.

Out of respect for food, I’ve never used car oil as chocolate or white paint instead of yogurt.  Natural ingredients are too beautiful to be replaced by anything else.  Food can be compared to an actor who – admittedly – needs makeup and a good costume but still will be a good actor without that.

 A beautiful, attractive dish can be a costume for food, and certain technical treatments – a make-up that will help prolong its freshness.  The time spent on the set is sometimes even several hours, and my “actor” should still present fresh and beautiful.  This concern about my “actor” appearance is my work and constant adventure.

 I am a food stylist, which means both – taking care of a beautiful composition and the ability to use technical procedures that are required by photographic and film photos.

 How many types of food, so many techniques and possibilities related to how we approach it.

 How many types of food – fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, yoghurts or ice cream – so many stories they create.  Sometimes this story comes down to just phrase: “eat me!”.

 Although I am not a cook – but I am feeding peoples senses, I am happy that I can contribute to this.  After all, isn’t food just for that … 🙂