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About Me

i love what i do

almost twenty years working as a food stylist, twenty years of baking cakes and roasting meat mixed up with stirring sauces, placing yoghurts into mugs, pouring coffee, chocolate, dying jellies convinced me that I still have to learn. And I still like it.

that is the reason why I am doing it and I am trying to do it the best I can.

what is food styling then?It is playing with objects – food: fruit, vegetables, drinks, colors, shape and consistency. Making compositions using peculiar elements – compositions, which are to work not as a static image, but as a frame, moving image.

food styling is a particular way of presenting food. Frame construction, image demands a lot of tasks. Aesthetic values of styling food as well as full filling technical obligatory norms for a film are the key elements to influence the viewer’s senses. Styling for the eyes, so the represented image would work in the most efficient way into the needs and demands of the onlooker, that is the challenge!

joanka sikora

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